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Hello, you’re welcome to this blog. It is going to be a journey of years write ups on nature, society, insightful short stories, motivational pieces and many other works. It is the reason for the title “the omni-spectacle”, because it promises to bring you write-ups from every spectrum of life. Endeavor to read, comment, share, like and follow by subscribing for more updates. It is going to be a life long experience. We are entreated to share our respective experiences related to the blog posts.

Thank you for dropping by, it will always be an honor having you here.

Latest posts

My Solemn Wait

At the dawn of breaking through Swiftness would be out of the equation; It wouldn’t matter in any bit of it. “Count it all Joy”, the song that made moments of thundering and pulsating mix emotions Joined figments of wobbling state of utter confusion livable. Even then, no pandora box let opened would have servedContinue reading “My Solemn Wait”

The present future

Can you hear the future calling upon the heart in utter sputter; In anticipation of a ‘present future’ yet intangible with an inextricable sense of joy. For it is due an overgrown foetus be birthed out from years of supposed thwarted hopes and crippled ambitions. “it is time!” The future says. But i grovelled likeContinue reading “The present future”


“Boisterous” Saturday

It was going to rain and though my phone hand given notification that it was going to rain around 2pm, I doubted it was going to happen. Predictions on weather conditions on countless instances have turned out the opposite so far as weather condition in Ghana is concerned. Rain can fall without dark clouds formingContinue reading ““Boisterous” Saturday”

Final Destination

We’ve come from afar

With a taste of utmost bizzare

And no point to climb high

No more! I stood to take up the Malcolm

I seek none of a Griffon

For I dare to be the falcon

A flight off destitution

To the ever greenland of abundance

That was plucked out of sight.

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