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Hello, you’re welcome to this blog. It is going to be a journey of years write ups on nature, society, insightful short stories, motivational pieces and many other works. It is the reason for the title “the omni-spectacle”, because it promises to bring you write-ups from every spectrum of life. Endeavor to read, comment, share, like and follow by subscribing for more updates. It is going to be a life long experience. We are entreated to share our respective experiences related to the blog posts.

Thank you for dropping by, it will always be an honor having you here.

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The Prey

What could have engendered his sitting motionless and with glaring eyes fixed on the ceiling of his cell? He is seated on a bed almost not long enough to hold his feet when sleeping. Perhaps, he could almost physically see the dismal future ahead. Or wander who possibly would pay him a visit when everythingContinue reading “The Prey”


Hello guys, enjoy this short piece of motivation from Afia Boatemaa. I did not choose hatred over the beautiful gaze of love because I’m full of hatred, but because I know to hate is more difficult than to love. I want to challenge myself so don’t bake your conclusions yet. You won’t get it soContinue reading “HATE SOME PART OF YOU”

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